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Location Warehouse: Albrecht-Thaer-Str. 25// 29439 Luechow (Germany)

Storage Management


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Customized Storage Solutions

We will find the perfect way of storing your goods! Depending on your individual demands, we are able to offer you customized storage solutions!

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Individual Storage Systems

We offer you high-bay storage as well as block storage systems. We will find the perfect solution for your goods!

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Bulk Warehouse Tarmitz

At our second location Tarmitz we own a bulk warehouse, which offers about 4000 square meters space for the storage of bulk material or grain.

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Customs Warehouse Luechow

As an international company, our warehouse is authorized by the customs for untaxed and duty unpaid temporary storage of goods.

For this reason we portray the perfect business partner for import and export trade with companies from outside the European Union.

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Transportation Service

Additionally to our warehousing services, we also offer you the opportunity to pick up your containers. Our trucks guarantee a safe transportation of your goods.

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